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The Pelaez Law Firm-Personal Injury Attorneys

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Sasha Begum, Managing Partner at the Pelaez Law Firm explains, “We do personal injury law. Basically, we help people who have been injured due to other people’s negligence.”

Juanita Pelaez, Founder, and Managing Partner detail the firm’s mission. “We are known as the ‘Bring It’ lawyers. My partner and I have established ourselves in the community as aggressive litigators and we bring it. We bring the payment that you need for your injuries; we bring the aggressive nature that you need from an attorney to get you the compensation that you deserve.”

“My background is corporate,” states Sasha. “I have done big transactions for large law firms, smaller law firms, and I have also worked for companies.” This experience prepared Sasha Begum for her return to the personal injury arena. She applies her skilled negotiation tactics as well as her keen attention to detail that she learned at the large law firms in fighting insurance companies on behalf of her clients.

“My partner has done litigation defense on the insurance side,” says Sasha. She continues, “So, I think that we bring a unique combination of skill sets together.”  Going a step further, she explains what really makes the difference at the Pelaez Law Firm. “What sets us apart is not just our background and our extensive experience in our respective areas, but how we treat our clients.” 

The client-centric approach is emphasized by both Sasha Begum and Juanita Pelaez. Juanita further details the law firm. “I want to give my clients the absolute best service. In order to do this, we always provide them with our complete attention. I feel that the personal injury industry has become just that. It has become an industry where attorneys forget that there are clients/ people behind this. I want to put the personal back into personal injury.”

Juanita Pelaez founded Pelaez Law Firm after several years of working with insurance companies and understanding how they address and handle claims. In 2009, Juanita decided she could no longer defend the insurance companies against the legitimate claims of individuals that were hurt due to no fault of their own. Since then, Juanita Pelaez has used her experience as a defense attorney to get the most for her clients from the insurance companies.

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The attorneys at the Pelaez Law Firm take your injuries personally. If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident, the Pelaez Law Firm makes it their mission to help you recover, both physically and financially. The “team approach” and the culture of always putting the clients first has earned the Pelaez Law Firm the respect of the legal community as well as the people that they serve. 

Both Juanita and Sasha have devoted themselves to personal injury litigation, and this dynamic duo makes a formidable presence in the field. They truly have put the “personal” back into personal injury law and this has made the impact such a successful one for all of their clients. 

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