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The Hughes Law Firm – Texas Personal Injury Attorneys

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Reputation. Respect. Results.

Carlos Hughes and Laura L. Hughes are more than just siblings; they are partners at The Hughes Law Firm in Houston, Texas. “We represent people who suffer serious injuries in car accidents due to the negligence of someone else. We have the experience to handle the complex and difficult cases. The attorneys at The Hughes Law Firm are able to negotiate a fair and prompt settlement for our clients.”

The brother and sister team handle more than car accidents though. Carlos Hughes explains, “We represent personal injury clients that have been injured by the negligence of others. Whether it’s been in car accidents, on the job injuries, slip and falls, or any setting where a person can be injured as a result of harm from another person, The Hughes Law Firm takes control and helps their clients every step of the way.”

If the insurance company doesn’t offer fair compensation, the lawyers will vigorously fight in the courtroom for the money that their clients deserve. The lawyers at The Hughes Law Firm have a successful track record of case results.

Laura L. Hughes details the history of the practice. “My brother and I have been practicing together for most of our careers. We have been together for the last 15 years and we work great together. We both bring different aspects of positives and negatives for the case. As a result, we have been very successful in doing what we do.” She continues, “Here at The Hughes Law Firm, we do what is called pre-litigation and litigation. There are a lot of cases where litigation is necessary and therefore, in those cases, we have to file a lawsuit. We have a lot of experience with litigation and dealing with the courts and the insurance companies as well as the opposing counsels.” In other words, this dynamic duo has the legal know-how coupled with their stellar reputation to get the job done with excellent results.

Carlos Hughes began practicing law in 1999. At that time, he was hired at a worker’s compensation law firm. After a short period of representing claimants that had been injured on the job, he began focusing on cases and clients that had sustained personal injuries in all types of settings. This included auto accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, non-subscriber cases, industrial accidents, and third party cases. He has been representing injured parties in all types of settings since that time. Carlos says, “My main objective in representing the injured is easing their pain during their time of difficulty.”

Before Laura L. Hughes began her legal career, she earned her BA degree in Political Science from Texas A & M University Kingsville in 1993. While at college, she was involved with Hispanic organizations that led to her desire to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration from Texas A & M Corpus Christi. In 1998, Ms. Hughes moved to Houston to attend Thurgood Marshall School of Law where she graduated with honors in May 2001. While attending law school, she worked as a personal injury law clerk at various firms in Houston and Alice, Texas.

DSC05017 1The brother and sister team have been together for over 15 years and Carlos Hughes says, “There are two things that stand out about The Hughes Law Firm. Our accessibility and our customer service are amazing. The lawyers, the legal assistants, and the entire staff at The Hughes Law Firm are very accessible.” They both elaborate on this. “You will get a phone call returned quickly if you don’t get someone on the line immediately. And you will get your questions answered.”

Moving onto the customer service arena, Carlos and Laura Hughes take a lot of pride in their clients. Carlos Hughes concludes, “We take a lot of pride in the fact that our client’s questions are getting answered in a timely manner and that their cases are moving forward in the right direction.” 

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