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Your Rights Are A Serious Matter

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Born and raised in the Bordertown of Laredo, Carlos inherited the famous Texas tenacity and grit. After graduating high school, he made his way to San Antonio and began working as an Executive Mortgage Loan Officer. Shortly thereafter he earned his Bachelor’s in Political Science & Government, as well as a Certification of International Studies from Texas A&M International. Despite his early success, he remained unsatisfied. This trend of exemplary work and responsibility may have been enough for most people, but again we find that Carlos isn’t satisfied with the status quo.

As an extremely successful entrepreneur, Carlos found the opportunity to pursue his dream when he sold his construction company to pursue his calling, the law. While attending law school he became a standout student and eventually earned his Doctorate of Jurisprudence. Carlos had finally found the proverbial home for the fire that burned within his soul.

So, who is Carlos D. Gonzalez? He is a man driven by the righteous cause, “Justice for All”. Overused and propagandized by many over the years, the idea has lost some of its punching power. Carlos is breathing fresh life into the ideal that set America apart, founding Carlos D. Gonzalez, PLLC, and providing a haven for those who have been Wronged in Texas. 



Fortunately, when the desire to help those who’ve been wronged in Texas became a reality, the website and phone number 1-800-WRONGED were available. He seized the opportunity and founded Carlos D. Gonzalez PLLC with those powerful assets at his disposal.

Areas of expertise include criminal defense and personal injury. These areas are where your life could be significantly and negatively altered. Whether looking at jail time or a lifelong debilitating injury, Carlos has this message for people “There are times when clients come to me with situations that they would rather not be in and I try to do the best that I can to get them out of that situation. And then, at the end, when everything works out, it’s one of the best feelings because I love to help people that have been wronged.”

Quantity over quality has never been a mindset for Carlos. In a time where people want more and they want “more” now, Carlos took a different path. He knows there cannot be growth, there cannot be quantity, without quality. That is where his focus lies. Carlos states “We pride ourselves on providing excellent client service and taking the time to develop a personalized strategy for each of our clients.” It should be unsurprising then that he is also able to say the following, “Our firm is no stranger to obtaining dismissals.” 


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The skill and compassion that Carlos exhibits should be unsurprising, considering he grew up in a family of attorneys. Their successes and missteps were all learning experiences for him. These life lessons, coupled with his ability to fluently communicate in English and Spanish, have opened the door to help as many people as possible across South Texas as he can.

“With Personal Injury, if you or someone you know has been injured in an accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you have been Wronged in Texas. For Criminal Defense, you can be Wronged in Texas, as a result of violations of due process, search and seizure and many other constitutional rights that, unfortunately, get violated more than we would like to admit.”


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Your rights are a serious matter, and you want someone who holds those values as core beliefs representing you. “We all have constitutional rights that are in place to protect our freedoms and sometimes, those rights are violated. That is not acceptable, and we fight zealously on behalf of our clients to get the best possible outcome. We are committed to our clients and we are there personally to answer any questions one may have every step of the way.”

With a resume full of impressive accomplishments, one highlight that stands out is being named a Super Lawyer-Rising Star by Thomas Reuters. The Rising Stars list recognizes no more than 2.5 percent of attorneys in each state. Carlos D. Gonzalez has earned the respect of his peers as one of the top-rated attorneys in the nation. Another highlight is his recent acceptance to Harvard University’s certification program in Negotiation Mastery. This is an area that Carlos already excelled in due to the experience gained across his pre-legal professional career. When you need someone to negotiate with, what can feel like a cold and impersonal legal system, Carlos is the man you want in your corner. 


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What is it that sets him apart? It’s simple really, Carlos explains “We take the philosophy of ‘what if it were one of us’- how would we want to be represented?” 

Phone consultations and zoom conferences are available for those who wish to maintain social distancing protocols, for those that want to meet in person, you can visit one of his offices in San Antonio, Houston or Laredo, Texas.

Call 1-800-WRONGED or visit them at for aggressive representation.