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Getting arrested can be a frightening experience. However, you should be very careful about your actions in the immediate aftermath of your arrest, as they can have a huge bearing on the final result of your case.

In particular, you should never do any of the following things after you have been placed into police custody:

Don’t Resist 

If an officer tries to detain you, don’t fight back. Pushing and shoving could result in additional charges like resisting arrest or assault. Remain calm until you’re at the station, where you can explain your situation to a lawyer.

Tussling with officers can also risk injury – or worse – as cops carry weapons that they’ll use if provoked or frightened.

Don’t Act Shady

When you’re approached by the police, hold your hands where they can see them. Stay out of your pockets or glove compartment unless instructed to do so.

Cops have stressful, dangerous jobs. If they think you have a weapon, they’ll act fast, and may make the wrong decision.

Don’t Try to Explain

You may be innocent, but the arresting officer didn’t think so, which is why they brought you downtown. It’s unlikely you’ll change their mind by explaining.

It’s OK to cooperate on basics like name, address, and age, but other than that, exercise your right to remain silent.

Don’t Blab about It

Police officers are trained to elicit information from unwitting suspects, so you should think of the station as a hostile place, where your every word will be used against you.

The same goes for cellmates if you’re held overnight. Your neighbor might like to trade your confession for a lighter sentence.

Don’t Delay Seeing Your Lawyer

Once you’re released and given a trial date, see your attorney as soon as you possibly can. They will give you advice on your next steps.

It may feel good to confide in friends or family, but your best bet is to ignore them. Don’t discuss your case with anyone else.

In Closing

Being placed into police custody can certainly be a scary experience. However, by following the advice contained in this article, you can give yourself the best possible chance of seeing a favorable outcome in your case.

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