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AAA Garcia Bail Bonds: On-Call 24/7 for Clients’ Freedom and Justice

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AAA Garcia Bail Bonds:
On-Call 24/7 for Clients’ Freedom and Justice

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Luis Garcia was born and raised in San Antonio and has lived in the Alamo City his entire life. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Garcia and his wife have been the working force behind their company and on-call 24/7 for Clients’ Freedom and Justice. AAA Garcia Bail Bonds was started eight years ago, and Garcia says that what AAA Garcia Bail Bonds does is simple.

“We get people out of jail.” he went on to emphasize, “We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. We treat each of our clients with the respect they deserve.”

AAA Garcia Bail Bonds has four locations and they are accessible 24/7 because they care and want a fair outcome for everyone they help in the release process. It is obvious that Garcia cares about his clients and believes in giving everyone the fair chance that they deserve. “We do not judge our clients. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”

Whether you are in jail for traffic tickets, warrants, DUI, or any other type of violation, their 24-hour bail bond service can help you or a loved one no matter wherever you may be in the United States.

Garcia explains that he ended up with his own company by accident. “I needed a part-time job to make extra money while working my full-time job as well. A good buddy of mine told me that they were hiring at the bail bonds company.”  While working approximately 5 hours a day at the bail bonds job, Garcia said, “I really was doing what I loved to do. I was talking to people and making them feel better and giving them hope.”

The owner offered him a full-time position, but Garcia was hesitant because he was getting great benefits at his other job. The owner offered to match whatever they were giving him and then some. Garcia took the offer and worked there for seven years until he decided to start his own company with his wife, Stephanie. Garcia stated, “At that point, our kids were born, and I realized that I had been doing this for so long and I knew what I was doing, and I had visions to make this into a great company for both the clients and our employees. And I told my wife that we were going to make this happen. And we did.”

AAA Garcia Bail Bonds has a thorough understanding of the local court system, its policies, and procedures. They leverage their knowledge and experience to get their clients the fastest release possible.

“We believe that helping our clients understand the arrest and bail process will alleviate some of the grief and confusion associated with the incarceration of a friend or a loved one.” For this reason, AAA Garcia Bail Bonds is readily available to assist you or someone you know.

Since AAA Garcia Bail Bonds cover many types of violations including murder, Garcia is a firm advocate that nobody in his company can or will discriminate against a client.

“What makes us different from other bail bonds companies is that we truly treat our customers with the utmost respect.” Garcia says, “Just because you may have screwed up one time does not make you a bad person.”

The team members take the bond to jail, and they will also pick you up if you don’t have a ride home. AAA Garcia Bail Bonds always takes extra steps to make all the difference to their client’s peace of mind.

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“My employees get more phone calls than I do because they have established a relationship with each and every customer. They all go beyond to ensure that the process is smooth from start to finish and we are there for you every step of the way.”

Garcia explains that while there are four office locations in San Antonio, Kerrville, and Hondo, any client can call any one of the offices and each employee knows who they are talking to and how to help. All employees are trained to be in the know and on the go for every single customer and potential customer that needs AAA Garcia Bail Bonds help and assistance.

“We can help you wherever you are in the United States. If you are in Vegas, you can call me and I can get you out of jail,” said Garcia. “None of our clients are numbers; none of our clients are folders. Each and every one of our clients is a client that we respect and want to help.”

At AAA Garcia Bail Bonds, their goal is to treat the clients with respect and to ensure that they are happy even during a bad time. Garcia says, “You can call me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I am here for you no matter what time it is because you matter to us.”

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